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Alfateh University Tripoli Civil Engineering Department

Tripoli / Libya

The faculty for civil engineering is characterized by a large superstructure, which combines the five different building parts into a unit. In addition providing circulation areas, the large scale structure which connects the building parts contains generous exhibition spaces and break out areas and thus serves as a meeting and communications point. The individual building parts, which contain the different institutes and all further uses of the faculty enterprise, are functional and structured in smaller parts and follow the natural contours of the site in a clever way.

The front facade is composed of different types of natural stone (green, white, beige). The building has an additional structure conferred by the outside edges and windows come in varying formats and are partially shaded with large sun protection louvers. The subtle succession of closed and open surfaces finds its correspondence on the inside in the interaction of three-dimensional elements such as galleries, yards and air spaces and so produces a rich tension atmosphere. Anticipated start of construction: End of 2009

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