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Humboldt-Forum Berlin (competition)

Berlin / Germany

As a Berlin architecture office, we took up the challenge of developing a contemporary building concept for the Humboldt Forum despite of the tight requirements of the competition guidelines in regards to the reconstruction of the facades.

The Eosander-Courtyard, interpreted as a globe, is designed as a discovering space, a cosmos, that serves as the central circulation between the different sections of the museum collection and as a display space for larger exhibits. A multimedia installations stages the journeys of Alexander von Humboldt within the globe. The portion of the globe that surpasses the Schloss cubature interacts with the surrounding urban space and serves as a modern interpretation of the neobaroque dome.

The cube of knowledge is the first, most accessible address for visitors and represents a modern gateway of the Humboldt Forum into the public realm and society in front of the baroque representational architecture of the Schloss facades. It offers events space and dining and in the auditorium, furnished with elements from the former Volkskammersaal , a place for the exchange and procurement of ideas. The public roof terrace allows visitors to experience the urban space between the Schloss, the Dom and the Alte Museum.

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